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Depend on one of the largest bail bond companies in Florida with flexible payment plans and terms available. Enter in the total bail amount needed to determine your approximate bail costs:

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Our Bartow Bail Services

Our surety bail services in Bartow, Florida start with getting to know our clients and their needs, plus what they can afford.

Whether it’s a DUI bail bond, Assault, Robbery, Drug Possession, etc. We have the ability to quickly write the bond to get your friend or loved one out of jail quickly and efficiently, simply call 863.533.1443 as fast as you can!

Questions About our Bail Service?

If you have questions about bail or need advice on your case, we offer no obligation, free bail advice. Please check our FAQ for the most common questions about bail services.

When you work with Bartow Bail Bonds agents you’ll receive the following detailed service:

• Fast bail response to any jail in Florida

• Confidential bail service

• 24/7/365 bail bonds service

• We can meet at Polk County jail or any county jail

• Notification of all court dates

• Notary Service

Attorney Referrals

Our Bartow bail services also cater to attorney referrals. We welcome the opportunity to help attorneys get their clients out of jail so they don’t speak to cell mates, police, deputies or guards about their alleged criminal activity or charges.

Need to find an Inmate In Florida?

Bartow bail bondsmen near you will help you to find Florida inmates at no cost to you.

Bail Bond Services in Bartow Florida
Bail Bond Services in Bartow Florida

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Our professional bail bonds service in Bartow, Florida can help effect an immediate release from Polk County Detention. We are open 24/7, online, fast and efficient at helping defendants post bail quickly for any charge, from assault to DUI.

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Polk County bail bonds agents proudly serve all residents of Florida in need of cheap bail fast!

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